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Use of this website is monitored by collecting statistical user information. No personally identifiable data is collected in this process. Typically, we collect information about the number of visitors to the website, to each web page, the technology used to browse the internet and the domain from which the visitor originated. This information is used to understand the visitors use of the website.


Cookies are small files which are sent to your web browser and stored on your computers hard disk. This website itself doesn't drop cookies, however, third party tools added to the site may use and leave cookies on your computer. This includes tools like Google Analytics, social media such as Facebook and Twitter and embedded videos from sources like YouTube. We will try and make you aware if cookies are present and give you the opportunity to opt out.

You can also disable cookies in your website browser preventing them being saved. This may affect some of the websites functionality.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new, European-wide law which came into effect on 25th May 2018. It is necessary for all groups/clubs/societies etc. that collect and store information on its members to comply with the regulations or they could become liable to punitive fines. GDPR will ensure universal compliance with the protection and use of personal data held by organisations.

The details of GDPR are very complex and lengthy. As far as the Blackheath High School Old Girls Association (BHSOGA) Committee understand it, we have to inform you about the data we hold and of your rights to inspect, amend and remove any information held and to reassure you that such information is not passed on to any other third parties without your explicit permission. In line with GDPR, your personal contact details are never passed on to anyone else without your prior written consent and our database clearly identifies those of you who have told us that only members of the committee may have access to your personal information.

The information that we hold is:

  1. Your Name, and where applicable any former and/or maiden name; 
  2. Your email address – for sending Newsletters and other useful information regarding meetings and events by email, where requested;
  3. Your postal address – for the purpose of sending Newsletters and other useful information regarding meetings and events by post, where requested;
  4. Your telephone number(s) – so that we may contact you in the event of any urgent matter;
  5. Your years of attendance at Blackheath High School – so that we may match you to appropriate year groups
  6. Your agreement as to which parties BHSOGA may disclose you details to (i.e. BHS alumnae or the School* or the GDST*). 

*Blackheath High School and the GDST Privacy policies are available on their respective websites.

All information is kept on a computer, protected by passwords, a firewall and antivirus software, in a secure area.

All new members applying to join BHSOGA will have to sign a membership form giving the Committee authority to hold their information for so long as they continue to be a member of the Group. It is assumed that all existing members have consented by passing their details to the Committee and it is our understanding that this Regulation is not retrospective. Members’ records will be retained to facilitate requests for tracing classmates etc. and thereby providing a genuine service to members but members’ details will be deleted if so requested. The records will be held and processed under the basis of ‘legitimate interest’ as defined by the guidance on GDPR issued by the Information Commissioners Office.

You have the right to access a copy of your personal data and require that we rectify any errors in the data that we hold, or request that we erase your personal data, by writing to Jane Allerton, BHSOGA Chair at info@bhsoga.org.uk

We hope that this is reassuring to you and trust that all necessary points have been covered. However, if you have any questions, please contact Jane Allerton at info@bhsoga.org.uk

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